Quick one on Nigeria’s unity

I find it instructive that two members of our elite, Atiku and Clark are warning against a potential Nigeria break up. It tells me that there’s something being said behind doors that I can’t open (yet), by Nigeria’s elite.

Here is the thing: I’ve written about the Nigerian paradox quite a bit before.

The Nigerian paradox is that we can actually be greater than the sum of our parts. However, we’ve never been equal to the sum of our parts, much less being better.

Geopolitically, it is better for the so-called minorities to remain under this umbrella because paradoxically the existence of three so-called major tribes at each other’s throats helps the so-called minorities have an opportunity to breathe.

But there are certain things that have to exist for a working Nigeria to happen, the first being justice, the second being equity, and the third being honesty.

Without these, we’ll keep going round in circles, and we will never achieve what the Westphalian state was set up for, which is for the betterment of the people within its territory.

Nigeria has never, at any point in its history, worked for more than 10,000 people at a time. It’s that simple. Nigeria is not sacrosanct, people have to put in the work if it is to endure. If people don’t put in the work, the state will die, and something else will replace it.